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Beltone is a hearing aid company founded in 1940 and is now headquartered in Glenview, Illinois. Beltone products are sold in the United States, Canada, and over 40 countries across the globe.

Margaret, a hearing aid user says, "I'm not pleased with my Beltone hearing aids. My old ones worked better. But I thought if I can get better ones, I'd try to get better ones. I got a thing in the mail and it said to go and try Beltone hearing aids out so I did, and they worked great the first month. The only style that was offered to me was an over-the-ear but the ones I had before were over-the-ear. When you buy from Beltone, you have to give them your old ones. I paid for the new pair but it went downhill ever since. I had trouble hearing on the phone, and I went in. Sometimes, I hear on the phone or usually, I have to take the hearing aids out. And then, I was at a get-together and a woman was sitting right next to me and I couldn't hear her. I'm going to Beltone one day this week and see if they can do something else for me. They're very nice and helpful, and they try to fix anything I have a problem with, but I wish I never bought the hearing aids. I wish I had a new pair."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"unbelievable that during this covid 19 emergency you choose to ignore stay at home advisories and are trying to make yourself essential business. that is a slap in the face to the real essential businesses."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"politics galore, everyone keeps their heads down. about 30% of the time is spent gossiping about the political environment. nothing gets gone."

Former Employee - Patient Care Coordinator says

"Pay, poor-management, training, time off, glorified telemarketer"

Former Employee - PCC says

"Sold their stores with 1 week notice"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"none, happy with all aspects"

Former Employee - Patient Care Coordinator says

"The HCP I worked for was crazy.. he screamed, threw things, got in my face on more than one occasion and talked so badly about patients who didn’t purchase from him. I was poorly trained, I’m talking three days worth of training. There’s no such thing as time off when you work for The William H mattingly Corp. your life is expected to be about Beltone at all times."

Former Employee - HCP says

"was promised office with plenty of testing potential, but upon examination the reality was very different as position is commission only test count is the soul determinate to income,,,I had 2 tests (only) my first month and was repeatedly told "things will get better",,,examining the schedule weeks ahead proved PCC made more than me my first month I proposed to management a minimal weekly salary with no commissions until the schedule proved to be sustainable and they declined,,,quite simply one cannot afford to work here Equipment was very old and no offices I attended had sound booths , therefore the test integrity is doubtful Office not updated since the 1970's I found another position and resigned after 1 month Quite simply management does not want to pay you and wouldn't if they could get away with it"

PCC says

"This is by far the most ridiculous company I have ever worked for. They are liars and manipulators and their bottom line is ripping off old people who can't hear. They hire you for the position that best suits your sex. Men are hired as sales persons and women are hired as patient care coordinators. They will lie about everything and fire you without notice. The owner of this company is quite possibly insane. Avoid this company at all cost. That includes the Winston-Salem office Asheville office and Mountain office that are Boone West Jefferson and Linville. Beware. No healthcare no benefits nothing just harassment is waiting for you at Beltone."


"No communication. Lied about advancement. Fired for no reason. Never returned personnel belongings."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Prior to the shift in management Beltone was a superior company to be employed. Currently the new president, a former gym and weight loss enthusiast, is swiftly making changes without any regard for employment history or the companies well being. The lack of industry knowledge or experience on her part is shining bright. The atmosphere is draining with a big brother type of approach. The physical work conditions are both cramped and chaotic. Recently the insurance rates have doubled and the vacation time has been slashed. There is complete disrespect for the employees."

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I didn’t like how the what would talk badly about some customers who where elderly and if they did t like someone they were fake and downright rude. I didn’t like how favoritism was shown. It looks like a great place to work but that was deceiving and I’m sure other former employees had been treated wrongly as well. I also didn’t like that they billed two people for one persons hearing aids through anthem FEP pretty sure that insurance Fraud. Some people that work there seem to be so nice and kind and caring but they are just about sales and getting their money numbers up. I think the business overall stands for a good cause to help people hear better that’s not what I mean. What I mean is insurance fraud, bad mouthing customers and being falsely accused is not what I’m about and that’s why I would advise not to work for Beltone and especially no to sending my mom or my dad or my grandmothers or grandfathers we won’t be a customers with Beltone. I’m pretty sure when more people catch on they should be shut down for insurance fraud. Free alcohol at meetings even though I don’t drinkBad mouthing customers from certain staff. Being falsely accused."

HAS (Former Employee) says

"Laid off for no reason. Closing offices left and right. They care more about the dollar, or the returning of the aids, than they do the patient. Sad. Karma....Sweet patientsWorking for them"

Patient Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I have ever worked. The direct supervisor was horrible. He made the office a very uncomfortable as miserable place to be. I dreaded going in to work to work on days I knew he would be in the office."

Patient Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management was horrible, no advancement, pay started at $10 hourly. You work alone most days, you cold call these poor patients and convince them they need to make an appointment to purchase hearing aids, putting many of them into a financial bind.NonePay, management"

Telemarketer (Former Employee) says

"I went home sick and was considered voluntary walk off. High turnover , management very 2 faced. The commission paid for telemarketing is very low,and people rarely come in for appointments set."

Patient Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible! Don’t waste your time on working here! They treat you terrible! Once Suzanne found out I was pregnant her whole attitude changed towards me! Never allowed me time off for my doctor appointments. They never got things done that we needed done for us to run the office.NothingManagement, no time off for doctor appointments, high stress level"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Full of negativity and lack of training. Management and ownership were intimidating to even approach about workplace issues. Not sure how legal most of what they are doing is.CoworkersEverything"

Office Administrator - Part Time (Former Employee) says

"Dysfunctional group of people, poor salary and terrible, dirty working conditions. Nothing good to say about working there. No opportunity for advancement.NonePay"

Receptionist/Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Easy job. Very quiet as I was the only one in the office 95% of the time. The worst part was calling people over and over that did not want to be bothered."

Patient Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work. They think they own you. Very negative in all aspects. Most patients are highly pressured to purchase product. Pay is barely over minimum wage and you never receive raises and bonus promised."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is not very nice. The typical day at work is micromanaged to the tee. Management is never in site. They play favorites and forget about any kind of promotion. they will lure you in with the carrot of becoming a specialist. but good luck.boss gone a lotSpecialist was very picky in who he liked. The better the bra size, the better your day would be"

asistente administrativo, almacenista (Former Employee) says

"la parte mas dificil del trabajo es que si cometes un error por peque;o que sea es un gran problema que te lo hacen saber en una junta administrativa pero si logras algo que les ahorra dinero o ahorro de tiempo o una mejora no lo reconocen porque segun es tu trabajo, y que para todo metan la religion, debe de ser respetable tu creencia sea la que sea.el horario de trabajono reconocen tus logros, y el pago de tiempo extra no existe"

Office Manger (Former Employee) says

"I had a job that I took great pride and dedication in. There was constant use of foul language and I was expected to work constantly without being paid. I had constant threats and constantly. I always did the best that I could do. One minute I was being praised and the next I was being cussed out and threatened that he did not need me. I was constantly lied to and accused of using foul language that I never have.i had a job that i took great pride in my was a very hostile working environment."

Patient Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was responsible for checking in patients/customers, updating files, receiving and collecting payments, verifying and billing insurance, handled repair forms and shipping, verifying appointments, customer service, basic office duties, and data entry. The management team was very judgemental and critical. Not family oriented by any means. Working with the public and specialists made the job worth going to.worked in a different office than managementmicro-managed through the computer and phone"

Receptionist, Office Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The company promised me so many ways to advance with the company. I ended up being taken advantage of by being left alone to assist patients ( with no degrees or certification) and also babysit the owners daughters baby of site of the office. When brought the atttiention of the owner I was ignored and treated differently. So I left the companymeeting a wonderful group of patientsi received no lunch breaks and received and was taught nothig promised."

Patient Care Cordinator (Former Employee) says

"It was the worst job I have ever had. Violent and hostile manager. Corporate office set up cameras in main office to watch. It was terrible. Don't do it."

Patient Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for about a year and a half. Once management changed, everything was chaotic and no one knew what to do. No help had to do more than hiredHour lunch, PtoPoor management, lack of help"

Patient Care Coordinatorl/ trainee (Former Employee) says

"Fired me 3 day before my training was over to become a hearing aid specialist with no reason at all in a text message 1 hour prior to work. My owner/ sponsor sent in zero credits to the board . I was with the company 10 months. I'm still waiting a week later for my personal belongings. ."

Order Processing/Inventory Intern (Former Employee) says

"This was a paid internship while I was getting my associates degree in accounting. I enjoyed the experience. My co-workers were wonderful. Management was not experienced in emotional intelligence or handling situations in a professional manner.I was able to attend school and learn hands was not consistant or reliable"

Licensed-Hearing Aid Fitter (Former Employee) says

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